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On 1st December 1884, Morningside Railway Station was opened by the Edinburgh Suburban and Southside Junction Railway (ESSJR). Shortly after the station opened, in March 1885, the ESSJR was incorporated into the North British Railway and advertising was added to the railway bridge. In October 1886, the station was renamed Morningside Road Station.

Passenger rail services were eventually withdrawn from the Edinburgh Suburban Line in 1962 which lead to Morningside Road Station’s closure. The route itself is still used for freight services, diverted passenger trains and empty coaching stock moves. CrossCountry also now use the line for a daily passenger train service from Glasgow to Edinburgh.


Morningside Road Station was located where the road bridge crosses the Suburban Line and was accessed via a gate on the west side, opposite the Morningside Clock. Since the closure the station building has been converted for commercial use and the outer circle platform was removed to allow Mark 3 coaching stock to operate on the line. The iron footbridge from the former station still stands to this day, connecting Maxwell Street to Balcarres Street.

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